The Creator Economy

  • Rate Card Alternatives in Creator Marketing

    As the creator marketing industry continues to evolve, it is important for brands and creators to explore alternative compensation models beyond traditional rate cards. Performance-based compensation, hybrid models, and collaborative compensation models offer new possibilities for aligning compensation with campaign results and fostering stronger partnerships. By considering these alternatives, brands can maximise the impact of their creator marketing campaigns and creators can be fairly compensated for their work.
  • Economic Flywheels in Social Commerce - A Virtuous Cycle of Value Creation

    In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of online retail, social commerce has emerged as a powerful trend. This innovative fusion of social medi...
  • NFTs and their relevance in the creator economy of the future.

    Using blockchain technology, NFTs offer a unique way to authenticate and monetize digital assets, opening up various opportunities for creators across various fields. From digital art and music to gaming and virtual real estate, the potential applications of NFTs are endless.

  • Get to Know the Game-Changing Team Making Waves in the World of Shoppable Content.

    Introducing the team that has made this all possible at

    We’re proud to have had a successful first year at revolutionizing the way we interact with businesses, brands, retail media, and creators themselves. 

    We’re excited about the opportunities and growth that 2023 will bring.

  • What We’re Excited About Today in the Creator Economy.

    As a founder of a startup in one of the liveliest tech spaces in the world today, it’s essential to understand and acknowledge the existing problems within the creator economy, as well as celebrate what we think is working well, such as the exciting developments, optimistic trends, and inspirational brands that make us so excited to be where we are, doing what we do.

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  • Data Download: A New Way to Parse Creator Economy Data

    “The proof is in the pudding,” they say, and in 2022 the pudding is data. 

    This past month, we put to the test. I know we are just getting started with, and there’s plenty on the road ahead with many milestones still to achieve. Still, the results of our first beta test have been incredibly positive, with over 250,000 impressions and 35% engagement in just over a week.’s place in the new middle of the creator economy finds a significant recent relevance: as a vertically-integrated central hub for monetised content data, from the first tap to the final purchase.

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  • What’s Next for Our Creator Economy?

    This is the conclusion of a four-part series on the economic opportunities built into for creators, users, and brands from retailers to CPGs alike. Read the rest of the series here.
  • How Enables Creators, Retailers, and Brands to Thrive Together.

    This is the third in a four-part series on the monetary opportunities built into for creators, users, and brands from retailers to CPGs alike. Read our first two posts on creator benefits here.

  • A Surprising Source of User Savings on Coupons.

    This is the second in a four-part series on the monetary opportunities built into for creators, users, and brands from retailers to CPGs alike. Read our first post on creator benefits here.
  • How Creators Can Earn More (& More Easily) Than Ever On

    Why is earning money as a creator such a pain in the tuchas? As a creator, your earnings can be limited by: Your audience. Expanding your audien...
  • Buckle up, Creator; It’s finally time to create the way you want to create (and get rewarded for doing it).

    In our last posts, we established that there are significant gaps in the creator economy, and hinted at how is positioned to address those gaps in ways creators have wanted for years.
  • How Do We Fix The Creator Economy For Creators?

    As we illustrated in our article, “Why The Creator Economy Needs To Be Fixed”... well, the creator economy needs to be fixed.


    Its current inadequate state unnecessarily leaves too much on the table for all stakeholders, but mostly for the creators that form its heart. There is still so much potential ahead for creators. So how do we go about righting where the creator economy went wrong?