Buckle up, Creator; It’s finally time to create the way you want to create (and get rewarded for doing it).

In our last posts, we established that there are significant gaps in the creator economy, and hinted at how getbird.bio is positioned to address those gaps in ways creators have wanted for years. Today, we’ll dive deeper into a few of those solutions:


  1. How earning from your content doesn’t require a large audience.
  2. How you can access multiple revenue streams that best fit your style & creations.
  3. How we’ve condensed managing your shoppable content into one central creator studio.


Monetization has been the domain of only the biggest influencers for far too long. As we mentioned in our first post, only 3.3% of all creators can make a living as a creator; which means the vast majority are creating in addition to other jobs, or simply as a hobby. And of course, not every creator needs this to be their livelihood; but for those that want to earn money from their recipes, art, and style, it’s always been an extremely steep uphill climb (thousands or tens of thousands of followers) to access even a single dollar.


That’s why we’ve not just lowered those follower count barriers to earning for smaller creators; we’ve eliminated them entirely. Access to getbird.bio’s toolkit & marketplace is not dependent whatsoever on the number of people who follow you on any platform, or across platforms. You’ll be able to sell, share, and promote sponsorships the same as influencers with millions of followers, and finally, get paid for your unique creations.


The days of pay-to-post being the primary revenue model for creators — a model that benefited only the biggest influencers — are long gone. You won’t be limited to simply posting or selling your works on getbird.bio; our platform supports practically all the revenue streams creators are already familiar with as well as new opportunities the community has been asking for. All engagement is rewarded here; from birdcoin (similar to tips) our web app currency, to paywalled content like live cooking shows, recipes, meal plans and more, to cashback from sponsors & retailers, and even subscription models — everything is supported on getbird.bio. So whatever your creation, whatever your preferred method of earning, whatever works for your audience, works here, too (and more seamlessly than ever).


Now, those features would be great by themselves, but they wouldn’t be anything to talk about if all this was hard to manage and navigate across different social & creative platforms. Not to worry, because we’ve built getbird.bio from the ground up to be the centre of your personal creator economy: where you create shoppable content just once, and are immediately able to share it across all of your platforms. No more wasting time recreating the same shoppable posts for Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitch, YouTube, and your other sites, having to adjust depending on which shops work on which platforms. Think of us a little bit like marketing departments’ favourite platform-agnostic social management tool, Tweetdeck — but instead of simply composing your posts, we orchestrate all your shoppable content into a single, accessible endpoint for your followers.


Ultimately, getbird.bio is the one place to monetize it all. And it’s easy to manage, too.


If that sounds a little too good to be true, well, we’ve made it to be. We listened to creators small and large and set out to build a product, a platform, that finally provided the tools that other platforms couldn’t or wouldn’t. Getbird.bio is here not only to support creators the way they want to be supported but to create the creator economy all creators deserve.


If you want to be part of that creator economy, compose & share shoppable content with ease, and start earning through multiple revenue channels regardless of your follower count, sign up here to join our growing Beta Waitlist.