How Enables Creators, Retailers, and Brands to Thrive Together.

This is the third in a four-part series on the monetary opportunities built into for creators, users, and brands from retailers to CPGs alike. Read our first two posts on creator benefits here.

How do we make the connection between creators, brands, and retailers better for everyone?

Today, creators, retailers, and brands enjoy relationships built far more on quantity than quality. Businesses that engage in creator marketing typically reach out to multiple creators with large, general audiences in the hopes of catching a few of the right people’s attention – but they lack specificity in targeting and tracking conclusive results. And even popular creators feel hemmed in by the limitations imposed by a sponsorship agreement and wind up producing atypical content for their channel or that they’re not proud of.

Clearly, this is not an ideal situation. Perhaps creators, retailers, and brands don’t “enjoy” this current relationship so much as “put up with it.” That’s why is setting out to change that system.

What does a better marketplace look like for creators, retailers, and brands, then? To counter the points made in the opening paragraph: creators should feel empowered to create authentic, original content that highlights preferred products and brands without withholding for a potential sponsorship, and businesses should be able to easily capture and track conversions and sales from all content, sponsored and non-sponsored.

On our platform, the relationship between brands, retailers, and creators will rely less on sponsorship as the sole vehicle for creator marketing – though sponsorships will also perform better thanks to improved customer journey tracking. Getbird. bio’s end-to-end monitoring from the first tap to the last click will allow creators and companies to dial in on strategies that genuinely deliver versus the current “blind buy” system.

Ultimately, the relationship between creators, brands, and retailers should be (and can be) far more collaborative, effective, and profitable than the tentative state it’s in today. And that’s what we’re striving to create at

Now, how do we go about doing it?

Our solution shortens the chain of events between content and purchase and tracks each step of the customer journey. It benefits all parties – creators, retailers, and other brands – by removing existing barriers to partnerships and encouraging greater creativity in the future.

  • “Real” content posted by everyday creators will be linked directly to preferred brands and retailers on getbird. bio’s shoppable platform – just the same as sponsored content.
  • Taps and clicks will be tracked from content to cart and finally to purchase, easing marketers’ minds everywhere and confirming results rather than implying them, enabling maximization of EPC (earnings-per-click) and ROI.
  • A mixed shopping cart for products across brands and categories will encourage brand-brand cooperation within the platform and expand creator promotion flexibility. A single shopper following a creator’s recipe can buy a recommended piece of cooking equipment from Yuppie Chef and all the groceries they need from Woolworths, all from the creator’s page.

Of course, this functionality requires buy-in from brands, retailers, and creators – but we think opening up APIs is a small price to pay for an exponentially better marketing experience and a significantly closer connection to creators, fans, and customers.

Creators, brands, and retailers shouldn’t have to put up with a lacklustre ecosystem; they should be empowered to thrive together. That’s what we’re setting out to create with a place where relationships between these three critical stakeholders can be more than “put up with,” even more than “enjoyed” – where coming together is genuinely beneficial to all.