How Creators Can Earn More (& More Easily) Than Ever On

Why is earning money as a creator such a pain in the tuchas?

As a creator, your earnings can be limited by:

  • Your audience. Expanding your audience is one of the more difficult parts of being a creator (though we can help with that).
  • Your platform(s). Platforms’ reluctance to provide truly sustainable growth tools and earning opportunities is an unfortunate reality that forces many creators to look outside their platforms for more reliable income streams.
  • Your organizational expertise. The need for organizational and technical expertise stems from those insufficient platform tools; having to juggle multiple revenue channels from completely different platforms is a confusing and frustrating process, only feasible for a small percentage of creators.

Through, we aim to address all three of those problems in different ways.

Welcome to our series on the microeconomy, in which we’ll dig deeper into the monetary benefits built into our platform, including creator-earning opportunities, user savings, and further benefits for brand partners across CPG, retail, and beyond.

In this post, we’ll focus on the creator side, touching on earnings goals and main revenue features as we expand on why (and how) we’ve constructed from the ground up to enhance creators’ quality of life and work.

 Let’s start with our primary earnings goal for creators on “80/20.”

That means it’s our aim for 80% of all the revenue you generate on our platform to go right to you – the other 20% goes towards the running of the platform. In all transparency, this is not a guarantee, but it is a landmark that we will constantly strive to reach for every creator who uses

We chose 80/20 firstly because it’s far more sustainable for you than the 40-50% take rates of other platforms (and sustainable for us as well). It’s also coming from multiple revenue channels; where platforms like Patreon work well to give creators a far greater cut of proceeds, they offer only subscription-based payments. stands apart by providing creators with the flexibility and ease of coordinating all typical creator revenue streams – tips, subscriptions, paywalled content, and more – in one place.

Speaking of having all the revenue streams: we do. In addition to those mentioned above, will support shoppable content (a main feature: see our previous post for more), coupon redemption, NFT sales, ad revenue, and even our own in-app currency, “BirdCoin.” And those are just the beginning; we’re developing even more exciting earning opportunities for creators to take advantage of down the road. Historically, creators have been forced to spin a lot of plates -- that is, manage accounts on multiple websites and platforms -- to access this variety of revenue channels. But with, it all boils down to one place.

Our aim is for creators to not only create a sustainable aggregate income stream through, but to do so with an adaptable, easy-to-use toolset that fits your unique content. We want creators to instantly find a home on our platform, find inspiration in the possibilities opened up by our earnings capabilities, and grow your channel in ways you might not have thought were possible.

As mentioned earlier, this is only the first post in a series on earnings for creators, savings for users, and more benefits for brands, retailers, and sponsors through 

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