What We’re Excited About Today in the Creator Economy.

Let’s take a moment to take a deep breath, look up from work, and give the creator economy a hearty slap on the back.

As a startup in one of the liveliest tech spaces in the world today, it’s essential to understand and acknowledge the problems of the industry we’re joining so that we can learn from and address those issues through our contributions. But it’s also important to celebrate what we think is working well already; the exciting developments, optimistic trends, and inspirational brands that excite us to be where we are, doing what we do.

Let’s start with a few stats that highlight the exciting times we’re in. Influencer marketing platforms have raised over $800M this year, helping drive the influencer market towards a new global high of $16.4B. That rocketing growth is mainly due to the mass acceptance of influencer marketing by marketing departments and firms everywhere. European companies spent €1.3B on creator marketing in the last year, and in one study, over 90% of marketing professionals surveyed believe that influencer marketing is “effective.”

Put that all together with the fact that 59% of creators haven’t monetized. You not only have accelerated growth within the creator space and mass adoption from related industries, but enormous potential is still ahead. That’s one big reason we’re here.

We also want to highlight a few related businesses and brands we’re excited to help bring further into the creator economy, linking more closely with creators and audiences alike. 

  • On-demand and e-commerce support institutions like Uber Direct, Takealot & Mr Delivery have laid the necessary groundwork for platforms like ours by linking online, and physical marketplaces in ways once thought impossible (or at least highly difficult).
  • Retailers like Woolworths, Shoprite Checkers, and Pick ‘n’ Pay are essential parts of ZA life, and we can’t wait to provide brands like them new paths into the world of creators and unique insight into the value chain through accurate data.
  • And banks and payment services like Visa have, in recent years, created a broader range of flexible payment options for a more flexible economy, primarily through products like Visa Wallet, which has inspired us to be as flexible in our offerings.

There is so much to look forward to in the creator economy. From steady and steep growth projections to significant untapped potential, the numbers point clearly to a bright future. And there are many brands we both draw inspiration from and can’t wait to work with as we build a platform that unites once-disparate aspects of the creator market, creating even greater value for all.

Well, back slapped, creator economy. Now let’s get back to the business of actually building that brighter tomorrow.