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A: Social commerce is an innovative blend of e-commerce and social media, where businesses leverage social platforms to promote and sell their products and services. In essence, it's about transforming social interactions into shopping opportunities, offering a more seamless and integrated shopping experience.

A: As the name suggests, the digital storefront is the heart of your ecommerce business. It is your virtual store where customers interact with your service-, and product offerings and ultimately transact with you.

With’s plug-and-play architecture you don’t have to host your own e-commerce website, or sell your products through any third-party marketplaces.

Your customers are shopping from YOU, and you’re in full control! The best part? It’s as easy as signing up, and you’re ready to go!

A: No, we started with foodies, and food-related brands because it was the easiest use-case for our technology

A: You can create, curate and add any physical-, and digital products to your digital storefront, including paywalled content. provides a versatile solution for content creators and consumer brands to monetise their content regardless of the product type.

A: Your links can be used anywhere, and we mean anywhere!

Drive traffic to your main storefront, or any other section of your digital storefront directly through social media platforms, websites, QR codes in physical publications, the sky really is the limit!

A: Two Clicks! One click-in-bio, and one click to checkout. Viola!

Note: This journey is only possible if the customer has signed-up to the platform before.

A: Live shopping is an innovative blend of e-commerce and live streaming, where businesses use real-time video to showcase and sell their products.

A: Budled checkout carts on allow for a convenient customer experience by allowing for collections of products to be bundle-purchased in one click.

Some products are a combined set of products. Meals consist of a list of ingredients, and DIY builds consist of a list of components and tools.

These collections of products, and other similar use-cases can be unified into one simple bundle, and be one-click purchased just like a standalone product would.

A: Unifiying bundled collections of underlying products into one cart, and allowing the flexibility for consumer brands and creators to curate products from multiple fulfulment partners or retailers into one checkout cart provides ultimate flexibility.

Imagine creating a recipe where half of the ingredients are sourced from one retailer, and half from another. Now imagine one checkout cart, and the ability to one-click purchase the entire bundle!

A: is completely platform-neutral, meaning that you can drive traffic to your digital storefront from anywhere, and fulfill orders through any third-party retailer of your choosing without having to partner with them, or integrate their technology in any way!

Partnered with a specific retailer or distribution partner? We’ve got you covered! Simply designate them as your preferred fulfilment partner/s, and honor those relationships with ease!

A: Yes!

We can create a fully branded version of the platform that allows you to immerse your customers in YOUR brand, and YOUR brand only!

A: By weaving together the social-, digital storefront-, and fulfillment layers into one cohesive experience, creators and brands are able to ‘ringfence’ the customer journey as soon as the customer clicks-through to the digital storefront environment, and therefore dictate exactly what customers consume, purchase, and perceive.

Importantly, customers are not directed to any third-party, or fulfilment partner site to complete the purchase which not only introduces friction to the conversion process, but also introduces other distractions to the customer who are typically exposed to other offers and brands once they enter the third-party environment.

Opting for the white-label offering enchances this control, as customers will not be able to interact with any other products or brands using the platform, and also allows you to customise the platform to a higher degree, increasing brand immersion.

A: serves as a platform-agnostic digital layer at the centre of the creator economy, enabling comprehensive data aggregation.

We collect data throughout the user journey with API access to mainstream social platforms, and UTM tracking links for other channels at the top of the funnel.

Deep journey tracking is utilised on the digital storefront-, and the fulfilment layer as we collect first-party data within these environments.

This holistic dataset allows stakeholders to measure the true return on investment for marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimise their content strategies.

A: We take data privacy and security very seriously and comply with all relevant laws and regulations to ensure your information remains safe and secure.

Read our full Privacy Policy Here.

A: We'd love to spill the beans, but the cost of joining is a secret sauce! We believe in personalised experiences, so let's have a chat to understand your unique needs and goals.

Trust us, it'll be worth it! Reach out to us, and we'll give you all the exciting details.

A: Anyone who wants to sell products and services online in the most engaging and effective way possible.

A: Creating an account on is simple! All you need to do is contact us and we will guide you through the process.

A: Return policies may vary depending on the fulfilment partner or retailer chosen by the customer..

We recommend that you review each retailer’s return and refund policies for more information.

A: We’re not a marketing agency, however we do provide consulting services and influencer marketing management services and support upon request.

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