A Surprising Source of User Savings on Getbird.bio? Coupons.

This is the second in a four-part series on the monetary opportunities built into getbird.bio for creators, users, and brands from retailers to CPGs alike. Read our first post on creator benefits here.

When was the last time you got excited about coupons? (It might be today.)

Shopping through social media as a fan can be an often fraught and frustrating experience. Between the myriad scams that proliferate platforms, limited opportunities to interact on a deeper level with content, and difficulty in discerning what’s a cheap cash-grab product and what’s actually worth your hard-earned money, it’s the Wild West out there.

And for those trying to recreate recipes and how-tos from creators perfectly, you frequently have to do your own research and purchasing, at a not-insignificant cost, and end up with something you’re not quite sure are the “right” ingredients or tools. In short: it’s a mess.

That’s why on getbird.bio, we not only want it to be easy for users to engage directly with creators’ unique shoppable content, but to be sure you’re purchasing exactly what your favourite creators recommend, and especially, tap into unique money-saving opportunities while doing it.

It works like this: On the Getbird.bio platform, creators can set up shoppable content directly linked from the original post on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, or elsewhere. Suppose that content is, for example, a recipe with an ingredient list. In that case, the creator can easily specify their recommended brand or retailer for each product, and the user can purchase all or some of those items on the spot. It already sounds simpler than figuring out the recipe for yourself, and then navigating to a separate website and shopping pages, right?

But here’s the kicker: CPG (consumer packaged goods) coupons that are usually exclusive to print-only redemption will be automatically applied to your cart upon checkout.

It’s not just savings; it’s seamless savings that users won’t ever have to think about. Honey is the leading name in coupon & discount apps today (rightly so), and in a way, we’re building that concept directly into Getbird.bio to make direct user engagement more viable than it is today.

Of all the exciting features we’re incorporating into getbird.bio, this is one I’m particularly proud of. Because we’re helping creators make their content more accessible to fans and followers in so many ways; easier and instantly-gratifying interaction, direct follow-through from the original post to shoppable content, and perhaps most importantly, cost savings.

Getbird.bio will serve creators and users equally and become the go-to hub for the next level of content interaction across social media. While this coupon redemption system may seem like a relatively minor feature, I consider it one of the secret weapons of our arsenal, paving the way for higher coupon conversions than other marketplaces and more consistent engagement with creators and the platform itself. Beyond being a simple function, it’s an incentive that’ll keep ardent followers coming back, because they know that on Getbird.bio, they’ll get the best bang for their buck in terms of content shopping. All because of good old coupons.

Who thought coupons would be so exciting in 2022?