What’s Next for Our Creator Economy?

This is the conclusion of a four-part series on the economic opportunities built into getbird.bio for creators, users, and brands from retailers to CPGs alike. Read the rest of the series here.

It’s time for our “think ahead” post for getbird.bio.

If you’ve been following this series on the economic opportunities for all our stakeholders on getbird.bio, you know we’re not afraid to take big swings with this platform. And while anyone can dream to the moon, we’re taking confident, measured steps to fully realize the platform we want to build – or the platform that the creator economy truly needs.

However, we’re taking a break from measured steps for this post. Today, we’re indulging ourselves and looking ahead at the future-forward features we’re most excited to achieve with getbird.bio.

These may be a way down the road. Still, they will bring the creator community – including creators, users, and collaborators like brands and retailers – much closer together and serve them all with opportunities they’re asking for even today.

Let’s start with everyone’s favourite subject in the creator economy: more earning opportunities. “Bird Coin” (our web app currency) is on the roadmap and will enable all types of users to earn through engagement, progress, and success milestones. Bird Coin can be used to tip favourite creators, send gifts, and redeem rewards, entirely in-app and separately from loyalty rewards from purchases & sales. You’ll be able to track Bird Coin progress and usage in our Wallets – where all in-app benefits, Bird Coin, and external currency will be managed in one place.

Down the road, we’ll also power getbird.bio with the best Web3 has to offer. Creators will be able to craft and sell NFTs out of art, recipes, collections, planners – practically any content being made today – and deliver them to avid fans and followers who want their own unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Blockchain-tethered intelligent contracts will allow creators to earn royalties from NFTs in perpetuity, as often as they’re sold and bought.

On top of all that, getbird.bio will include progressive marketplace features rapidly becoming quality-of-life features: click-to-buy ready-made products and price-matching. While the core functionality of getbird.bio brings creators, users, and collaborators closer through better instant engagement with a creator’s content (especially how-to content); there will also be users that prefer to buy a finished product rather than follow in a creator’s steps. They’ll be able to purchase those pieces (such as the aforementioned NFTs) and even finished dishes from popular creators connected to dark kitchens. And price-matching is a must-have in any future marketplace, guaranteeing users the best prices for anything purchased on the platform.

That’s the future of getbird.bio – built first to serve what creators, users, and collaborators need most right now, then springboard from that foundation to create the future of the creator economy. It’ll be a profitable marketplace for creators, by creators; the evolution of online retail; and a shared value chain that accounts for all parties equally.

And perhaps the most futuristic aspect of it compared to today’s fragmented creator space; it’ll all be in one place.

That’s what we mean when we “think forward.” Now let’s build it.