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As a seasoned entrepreneur with a keen interest in the digital landscape, I am both thrilled and cautious about the emergence of the creator economy. It is truly remarkable to witness the explosion of creativity that is empowering individuals to establish their brands and directly engage with their audience. However, I must acknowledge that there are significant challenges that may jeopardize its sustainability and fairness.

In this ecosystem, only a few select creators are enjoying significant benefits while the vast majority are struggling to make ends meet. The lack of transparency in the system means that many creators are unaware of the true value of their work and how it is being commercialised. What concerns me the most is the sense of powerlessness that creators feel when it comes to their content, intellectual property, and personal brands.

Consumer brands face a myriad of challenges, including keeping up with new technologies, earning consumer trust, meeting evolving expectations, and adapting to new social media platforms. Furthermore, they require assistance in maintaining consistency across various marketing channels, accurately measuring ROI, retaining customers, and standing out in a sea of content.

More complex challenges involve understanding the customer journey, differentiating themselves from competitors, collecting first-party customer data while respecting privacy, and navigating the eventual disappearance of third-party data.

My recognition of the immense opportunities in the creator economy and the difficulties faced by consumer brands prompted me to create getbird.bio, a revolutionary tool designed to tackle these challenges head-on.

My ultimate objective with getbird.bio is to solve existing problems and transform the way the creator economy operates. Essentially, getbird.bio embodies my unwavering belief in the potential of creators and my steadfast determination to create a fair and empowering future for all.

Dayne Levinrad

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getbird.bio is the future of online retail with the mission to build the future of a profitable creator economy for you.

Born during COVID when Dayne, our visionary, created a pop-up store in Birdhaven, South Africa, which is now delivering revolutionary meals to doorsteps nationwide.


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