Collection: How to clean your converse

Do your white shoes need a little TLC?

Here’s a great tip. Fill your sink with a few inches of very very hot water and add 1/2 a cap of laundry detergent, a scoop of oxyclean & 1/2 cup of bleach. You can also add a cap full of fabric softener if you are air drying them. Swish them around in there for a few minutes and then leave them to soak upside down with the laces in the soapy water. Leave them for about two hours. Once they look nice and white, take them out of the water and stuff a ball of tin foil in each of them to help keep their shape.

Then place them outside in the sun to dry and after a few hours wrap them in toilet paper or paper towel and put them back in the sun. The toilet paper worked sooo well! You’ll see the dirt transfer to the toiletpaper/paper towel.
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